A listing of our departed shipmates.

We have all heard the haunting song, "Taps." It's the song that gives us that lump in our throats and usually creates tears in our eyes. But, do you know the story behind the song? If not, I think you will be pleased to find out about it's humble beginnings.

Reportedly, it all began in 1862 during the Civil War, when Union Army Captain Robert Ellicombe was with his men near Harrison's Landing in Virginia. The Confederate Army was on the other side of the narrow strip of land. During the night, Captain Ellicombe heard the moans of a soldier who lay severely wounded on the field. Not knowing if it was a Union or Confederate soldier, the Captain decided to risk his life and bring the stricken man back for medical attention. Crawling on his stomach through the gunfire, the Captain reached the stricken soldier and began pulling him toward his encampment.

When the Captain finally reached his own lines, he discovered it was actually a Confederate soldier, but the soldier was dead. The Captain lit a lantern and suddenly caught his breath and went numb with shock. In the dim light, he saw the face of the soldier. It was his own son.

The boy had been studying music in the South when the war broke out. Without telling his father, the boy enlisted in the Confederate Army.

The following morning, heartbroken, the father asked permission of his superiors to give his son a full military burial despite his enemy status. His request was only partially granted. The Captain had asked if he could have a group of Army band members play a funeral dirge for his son at the funeral. The request was turned down since the soldier was a Confederate. But, out of respect for the father, they did say they could give him only one musician. The Captain chose a bugler. He asked the bugler to play a series of musical notes he had found on a piece of paper in the pocket of the dead youth's uniform. This wish was granted.

The haunting melody, we now know as "Taps" used at military funerals, was born.

Day is done Fading light Thanks and praise,
Gone the sun Dims the sight For our days
From the Lakes And a star Neath the sun,
From the hills Gems the sky, Neath the stars,
From the Sky. Gleaming bright Neath the sky,
All is well, From afar, As we go,
Safely rest. Drawing nigh, This we know,
God is nigh. Falls the night. God is nigh.

I too, have felt the chills while listening to "Taps" but I have never seen all the words to the song until now. I didn't even know there was more than one verse. I also never knew the story behind the song and I didn't know if you had either so I thought I'd pass it along. I now have an even deeper respect for the song than I did before.

(Forwarded by Gordon "Mr. Wonderful" Yaghijan (69-71)

ABIUSI, James Rocco - Utica, NY 44-45, Deceased
*** SN, Ship's Barber(?) - Died 17 Feb 99

Nicholas Amodeo

Item Division 1944
(Editor's note: Nick is second from the right, second row.
This photo was cropped from a larger one which appears on page 58 of the Yearling. The yearbook calls this "Item Division.")

My dad's name was Nicholas Amodeo (or Nick). He was a member of the "Eye Division" on the ship from 1944-1945. If he were alive, he would have been 82.

Any help that you or others can give me, photos or stories, that people can share, would sure fill a void in my life, since he died when I was only 10 in 1973.

Thank you so much,
Doreen Milito (Amodeo)

BABROSKI, Kenneth D - Franklin Lakes, NJ 65-66, Deceased
*** ETNSN - OE Div - Died April, 1967
^^^ Ken was killed at his duty station, an Oceanography Base near San Francisco. He was electrocuted while investigating a suspected electrical fire and came in contact with a 10,000 volt line

BAILEY, Henry Wilson - Zebulon, NC 44-45 Deceased
*** No further info available

BAILEY, Stephen C. - Huson, MT 71-73 {Deceased}
*** AG2 - Com7Flt
^^^ Died November 1, 2002 of smoke inhalation, caused by a fire in his house

     I found the Oklahoma City website and wanted to let you know that one of your shipmates has passed away. His name is Stephen C. Bailey and he served aboard the USS Oklahoma City as an Aerographer's Mate. I was married to Stephen for 18 years and knew him after he had arrived home from sea duty. I wanted to let you know so you can post his passing away on your website, if you would be so kind.

     He died on November 1, 2002, from smoke inhalation as the result of a fire that started in his house. He lived in Huson, Montana and worked for the National Weather Service in Missoula. He leaves behind his mother (Florida), a brother (Florida), and a son (our son). His son and I live in Winnemucca, Nevada.

BAKER, Elmer - 45-46 Cook / AA Gunner

    I was thinking about my father today. He served in the Navy during WWII. He had three ship names tattooed in his forearm; USS New Jersey, USS Gearing, and the USS Oklahoma City.

    When I was young, the only ship he spoke at length about was the OC. He was aboard during the Okinawa campaign. My dad was a cook, however his battle station was one of the forward anti-aircraft guns. Quad 40's perhaps? He spoke of when one of the ships was hit by a Kamikaze mid-ships, and a friend of his was killed. I don't remember what ship that was. I do know that of his three ships, he prized his time abored the OC with the fondest memories. My dads name was Elmer Baker. He passed away of cancer Thanksgiving day 1999. God bless all who serve.

    Thanks for reading this letter. You may use it on your web site if you wish.
     Rick Baker.mail

BENEFIEL, Jesse R - Chesterton, IN 1945
*** Died 11 AUG 2005

BRINGLE, William F. - Rancho Sante Fe, CA, 1968-69, Deceased
*** Vice Admiral, Commander Seventh Fleet - Died 19 Mar 99
Retired as 4 Star Admiral in 1974 as Chief of United States Naval Forces in Europe
xxx Read the Obituary

BROWN, John E. - Philadelphia, PA 44-45
*** EM3 - Died 1991
^^^ Email his son Alan E. Brown

BUTCHER, Paul D. - Tampa, FL 74-75
*** Captain - Commanding Officer - Died 02 AUG 92
Retired as Admiral and Deputy Commander of the US Atlantic Fleet
Read the Obituary

CALDWELL, Harold McMillan Bixby "Mac" *** Died 11 NOV 07
^^^ Read the Obituary

CANNON, Robert C
*** Radioman - Died 17 NOV 01

*** Captain, USN (Ret) Died 07 JUL 08
^^^ Read the Obituary

CARR, Robert E - Livingston, TN 77-79 Deceased
*** Chief - NAVSURFPACDAT - Chief Carr served as head of the Navsurfpac Dependants Assistance Team that transported all persons on either shore duty or sea duty (and their families) to and from the Narita and Yokota airports (who can ever forget that first ride!). The DAT team also helped families with transitional and crisis needs while the servicemen were out to sea. Chief Carr died of a heart attack on March 20, 2002.
^^^ Email his daughter Rickie
xxx Read the Obituary.

CASHIN, Joseph W., Jr. - Mabank, TX 62-64
*** LtCdr - Died 16 Jan 2012.
^^^ See his obit page

CHICKLINSKI, Wally "Chick" - 44-46 PLANKOWNER Deceased
*** Died 1998 - Contact his daughter Kathy Gleason

COLLIER, Red "Stoney" - Columbus, GA 71-73
*** RMSN - Died 04 JAN 2008 of ALS (Lou Gherig's Disease).
Read the obituary.

CRAPA, Frank - Staten Island, NY, 44-45 Deceased
*** RMSN - Died late 1980's. Married, no children. He spent his life on ships as a radio operator

CUMMINGS, Richard J. - Nashua, NH, Served during WWII, Deceased.
*** Died 20 Jan 99.

DEGROOTE, Chester A. - CL-91 (as reported in the OKC Corral).

DELANEY, Maurice Joseph - 1944, Deceased
*** Died 20 May 1986

Jerry B. Delk - Lake Havasu City, AZ 59-62

*** SF1 - R Div
^^^Died 17 Dec 2004

My husband said it was the best ship he had ever been on.(He was on 4 others). He had a lot of good friends on board. I don't remember their names.

We have lived in Az for 14 yrs. Before that, it was Lakewood, CA 8 yrs, Garden Grove, CA 25 yrs. & Temecula, CA 9 yrs. And the rest here in Az. He was an avid fisherman, sometimes he would catch one or two.

I want to thank whomever set this web page up. It brought back many wonderful memories. It would be so nice to go back. Some day I plan on attending one of the Reunions in his name.

Bonnie L. Delk mail to Bonnie

DEVLIN, Michael F. - Levittown, NY 1944-46, Deceased

DIXON, Hasque - Bristol, TN 44-46, Deceased
*** Died 16 June 1996

DOAKMAJIAN, Harry - Troy, NY 45-46
*** Died 4 Sept 2007
^^^ Read the obituary.

DONNELLY, Richard "Painless" - HM1 73-76 *** Died 3 October 2003

DUNHAM, Harold - Alton, MO 64-68 #1187 Deceasedmail
*** BMSN - B Division
*** Died 06 NOV 2009 of Mesothelioma, survived by his bride Marilyn (reported by Ken Lewis, ETNSN 64-65)

DYSERT, Roger E. - Alger, OH 44-47 PLANKOWNER Deceased
*** SN - Sixth Division - Gunnery Trainer on 40mm. Died 29 Jan 01 from heart attack

EVANS, Jimmy E. - Chico, CA 65-66
*** Died 15 July 1998

FERRELL, Charles - Charles "Roland" Ferrell, 62, of Conroe, Texas was born on August 7, 1950 in Houston, Texas and passed away at peace on September 5, 2012 in Houston, Texas. He graduated from Aldine High School in 1969 and shortly thereafter, joined the Navy. He was stationed on the USS Oklahoma City and was on active duty in Vietnam until May of 1973.

Roland Ferrell

Photo and death notice courtesy of Paul Brady, a close high school buddy of the editor who lives in Houston.

FIORENTINO, Robert B. - Everett, MA 44-47
*** Died 8 March 2000 - SN - 6th Division

GOODWIN, Benjamin - Woodland, CA 60-62 Deceased maggs20@juno.com
*** PC3 - Recomm Crew
^^^ Died 1992

GRIBOSKY, Stephen - CL-91 Plankowner, 44-46 passed away peacefully on February 16, 2008 in Norwalk, CT of heart failure.
^^^ Contact the family via son Philip mail

GRIGSBY, John - Shelbyville, IN 1945 Died 21 JAN 2010
*** SK1 - see obit below

John E. Grigsby dead at 89

John E. Grigsby 89, of Shelbyville died Thursday, January 21, 2010 at his home. Born July 13, 1920 in West Baden, IN, he was the son of Floyd and Eva Grigsby.

While attending West Baden High School, he played on the varsity basketball team for 4 years and the American Legion baseball team. He represented WBHS at the first Hoosier Boys State held in 1937 at Butler University. Upon high school graduation in 1938, he with his family moved to Bloomington where he attended Indiana University graduating in 1942 with a BS degree in accounting.

After marrying Louise Armstrong of Paoli on Feb. 1, 1942, he joined the US Navy where he served 3 years in the Atlantic during WWII as a first class storekeeper on a destroyer escort and in the Pacific on the cruiser USS Oklahoma City.

Obituary courtesy of INDYSTAR.COM

GUTLOFF, Peter E - New York, NY
*** Died 18 Oct 69 --GMG3 - Died during gunfire support operations near the DMZ. Apparently was knocked overboard after exiting the 5" gun mount. Body was never recovered.

HARRIMAN, Charles - CL-91
*** Died 2000 as reported in the OK City Corral

HENDERSON, Dave - Mandan, ND 61-64 (Deceased) mail to his son Lonnie Wertz
*** MM2
^^^ Died 12 NOV 2009


Bob Henley in 1971
Ensign Bob Henley died of a heart attack November, 2011 in Tucson, AZ. He was the Division Officer for CR Division, 1971-1973. He worked as a supervisor for the parole board in Tucson for most of his adult life. He is survived by his wife, daughter, and grandchild.

Photo and death notice courtesy of shipmate Dan Gassoway, FTGSN 71-73

HOWELL, Jay Stanley - CLG-5 Deceased
*** Died 31 DEC 2001 -- Commanding Officer 1969-71

Billy Husselman on the OKC in 1975
Billy Husselman in 1975
Photo courtesy of Kathy Tackel

HUSSELMAN, Billy - CLG-5 73-76
*** OKC Webmaster,
I am writing to inform you and the rest of the crew of the death of Billy R Husselman, FTG3 73-76. Billy died of Lung Cancer on April 1, 2004. He is survived by a son, Jason and a daughter, Gina.
I am Billy's ex-wife Kathy. We met in Yokosuka when I was a Dental Tech at the U.S. Naval Hospital. We were married in Yokosuka and were together for 21 years.
Kathy Tackel

ISBELL, Charles "Tony" - CL-91, Deceased
*** Died January, 2000 (as reported in the OKC Corral).

JOHNSON, Ned E. - Bowie, TX, 1976-78, Deceased
*** Corporal - Marine Detatchment
^^^ Died 1980 after a courageous fight with Leukemia.

JONES, Frank - Marine Detatchment - Died 18 NOV 2006
^^^ Condolences can be sent to Terry Jones, 264 Bielby Road Lawrenceburg, Ind. 47025

KANEWSKE, Ken - 72-74
*** BMSN - 2nd Division - Died February 21, 2013

For more information, contact John Sabo, BM3, 2nd Div.

KEMMELING, James N - Pine Bluff, AR - Died 09 JUN 2009
*** RMC - See obit below

James Norman Kemmeling, 70, a resident of Pine Bluff, Arkansas, died Tuesday June 9, 2009, at his home.

Born September 6, 1938, in Evansville, Indiana, he was a son of James and Juanita Bernice Prince Kemmeling, who preceded him in death.

He was reared and graduated from high school in Evanston.

Mr. Kemmeling was a highly decorated United States Navy Veteran. He proudly served his country for 22 years including a lengthy tour of duty in Viet Nam. He then worked for several years as a police officer in Saint Louis, Missouri, and then Little Rock, Arkansas, where he attained the rank of Captain. After his retirement from Little Rock, he worked for the Garland County Sheriff�s Office in Hot Springs.

He was a member of Saint Joseph Catholic Church in Pine Bluff, and a member of the Knights of Columbus. He was also an accomplished gunsmith and marksman and a member of the National Rifle Association. He served aboard the USS Oklahoma City (CLG-5) from 1969-70 and was captain and coach of the ships pistol team.

He is survived by his daughter and son-in-law Tammy and Larry D�Amico of Pittsburg, Kansas; daughter Michelle Wolthius of Orlando, Florida; six grandchildren and nine great-grand-children.

Burial was at Arkansas State Veteran�s Cemetery in North Little Rock. Memorials may be made to St. Joseph Catholic Church, 412 W. Sixth Avenue, Pine Bluff, AR 71601.

Special thanks to Paula Kemmeling, Jim's ex-wife, for gathering the obit and photo and sending it along.

KIRCHGESLER, Kenneth, OSCS 70-74. My husband served on OKC from June 70- May 74. He passed in April of this year and thanks to the Navy and 2 HM's his ashes are on their way to Guam to be placed in the ocean with the OKC by the OKC.

KIRKPATRICK, John E - Oklahoma City, OK - Died 2006
*** Admiral - see obit below

John Elson Kirkpatrick, 1908 - 2006

Admiral John Kirkpatrick was born in Oklahoma City in February 1908 and graduated from the Oklahoma City Public Schools before attending West Point, Marion Institute and, in 1931, graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy. In 1932, Kirkpatrick married Eleanor Blake of Mangum. During World War II, Kirkpatrick served 54 months at sea as a gunnery officer aboard the USS North Carolina and later served on the USS Alaska and the USS Oklahoma City. After the war, Kirkpatrick entered the oil business and in 1950 founded the Kirkpatrick Oil Company.

Prominent civic leaders in Oklahoma City since the 1940s, the Kirkpatricks have given much to the communities and state of Oklahoma through their generosity and philanthropy, including multiple arts and education organizations. Their works are continued today through the Kirkpatrick Foundation.

The Kirkpatrick Science and Air Space Museum was made possible largely through the support and generosity of the Kirkpatrick family.

KRILL, William "Doc" - Imperial Beach, CA 70-74 {Deceased 2001} For further information, contact John Sprinkle
*** HM1

LaBRUYERE, Melvin C - Died 17 APR 2008
*** Seaman - see obit below

Seaman Melvin C "Frenchie" LaBruyere


Our dad, Seaman Melvin C LaBruyere (Frenchie), served aboard the USS Oklahoma City (CL-91). He joined the OK City in the 1946 when she returned from Tokyo Bay on her last voyage.

Our dad was selected as part of the mothball crew and stayed assigned to the US Pacific Reserve Fleet until discharged in 1949.

I have three siblings and our dad told us that if the Navy had not kept him in that boneyard his whole enlistment, he would have made the Navy a career. He loved boats and being on the water.

He died last thursday, 17 April 2008. We have many photos of him and some of his mates. I have attached a photo of him. Please post the photo and this info on the association web page. I would be honored for anyone who knew him to contact me.

Many thanks,

Edwin G Williams, US Army (ret).

LAMBERT, Forrest "Moe" - Jacksonville, FL 71-73 {DECEASED}
*** AG1 - Flag Weather LPO.
^^^ Died 2001 of Leukemia

Photo courtesy of Ron's sister Judy Prochnow
Ron Lee's photo courtesy of
his sister, Judy Prochnow.

LEE, Ron - 1969-73, Deceased.
*** PO2 - OI-Division - Died in auto accident 09 Feb 74

LEMIEUX, Leroy - CL-91 (as reported in the OKC Corral).

LONG, John J - mail to his daughter Virginia
*** Photographer's Mate 3 - best buddy was Joe Miller from Lubbock, TX
^^^ Died 1992 - John had many interests: sports, singing, guitar playing, camping and his family. He left a trail of smiles in his wake no matter where he went. He was a genuinely nice human being

MCCOY, Raplh Lindsey, Jr. - Mayflower, AR Deceased
*** ETN2 - OE Division - Killed in action in South Vietnam, September 22, 1971.

MCHANEY, Joe - As reported by shipmate Thomas Kroh, Mardet 74-75, Joe died of cancer in the early 2000s.
*** Retired as Captain in USMCR

MEDLER, Ron - 70-75 -passed away 26 May 08 in Lancaster, CA.
*** RMCS

MILLER, Dick - SD, 64-67 Deceased
*** GMM - Died in trucking accident a few years after discharge (as reported by his friend James Zachary)

MORAIS, Charlie - Endicott, NY 44-46
*** Died 17 June 2003

MUNCY, Gerald, CL-91 Deceased
*** Died March, 1999

*** Died 12 JUN 2006

Michael James O'Campo

Mike O'Campo aboard the OK City in 1969 Mike and sister Bonnie in 1965

Right: This is my brother Michael James O'Campo and me, taken in 1965 when he was on leave. Above: This photo of Mike was taken in Spring, 1969.

Thank you for not giving up on my sending this information to you. Michael James O'Campo was born April 29, 1948. His job on the ship, per his letter dated Jan. 20, 1969 was "working for communications, 7th fleet flag allowance, and I am part of the Operations Department".

He was so very proud of his position and the military responsibilities he was given in this position. He was off the coast of Viet Nam and heading to the Philippines and then to his home port of Yokosuka, Japan when he wrote this letter.

Mike was in an auto crash near Eureka, California, with his fiance Sandy; they were both killed in September, 1969. Mike had been discharged from the military on a hardship, to take care of our mother, after our stepfather had died in July 1969.

Notes to Bonnie can be sent to her e-mailaddress.

OGARD, Harold Andrew "Tug" - Omaha, NE 43-45 Deceased
*** WT2 - Plankowner - Died of cancer in 1984
Send mail to his daughters or to his grandsons.

PAGE, Alvin James DECEASED- Wilmington, NC, 44-45, PLANKOWNER ajcw@dellnet.com
*** GM3 - Turret 4
^^^ Retired Captain from Piedmont Airlines, wife Betty and I are blessed with 4 children and 8 grandchildren
^^^ Died 15 Feb 01

PALMER, Robert "Bob" - Boiling Springs, SC 44-45 PLANKOWNER {DECEASED} mail
*** CSSN - Messcook seaman then Baker striker. Missed the shakedown due to scarlet fever. One of my buddies was Dick Perry
^^^ Originally from L.I. NY, I moved to SC after retirement from the Postal Service. Divorced with 2 children and one grandchild. Bob died on December 12, 2003

Ernie Paulson RD3 69-71
Photo of Ernie Paulson sent by his daughter Angela.
The back reads "Out to Sea April 1970".

PAULSON, Ernest R - {DECEASED} - 69-71
*** RD3 - CLG-5 - Died 26 Sept 89
^^^ His daughter Angela Wilson would like to hear from anyone who knew her dad

PICHE, Francis A - Green Island, NY - CL-91 - Died March 2, 2005

PIKE, Thornton, CL-91 (as reported in the OKC Corral)

PISKORSKI, Frank - Hastings, NE 60-62, Deceased
*** RM1 - OR-Division - Radio 1 Message Center, died 1999


Alan L. Ricci, GMSA, CG-5, 1975
Died September 15, 2019

Alan Ricci Photo Alan Ricci Photo

Read the obituary here

ROOKASIN, Gilbert - Bridgeport, CT, 44-45, PLANKOWNER, Deceased mail to son in law Keith Deutsch
*** EM
^^^ It is with great sadness to tell you of the passing of my father-in-law Gilbert Rookasin a couple of years back. He always spoke very highly of his experiences on the ship and was in fact involved with the building of the Oklahoma City as one of the first electricians. During his last couple of years, he often brought out his yearbooks from the ship and pointed out people and told stories of the ship, always bringing a smile to his face despite his Alzheimers.

Gilbert F "Gil" Romine, February 7, 2010

Dr. Gil Romine

Dr. Gilbert F Romine was born November 30, 1939 in Kermit, Texas, the son of the late Willie Corena Hayes and Gilbert F. Romine Sr. On July 16 1967 he married Lane Claire Woodall, who survives.

He graduated from Stephen F. Austin High School in Houston in 1958 and went on to enlist and serve in the United States Navy aboard the Guided missile cruiser USS Oklahoma City CLG-5 as an electronic technician. After leaving the Navy he attended the Lee College in Baytown, Texas and graduated from the University of Texas Dental School in Houston in 1969.

He worked in private practice in Baytown and Liberty, Texas until 1973 when he accepted a commission in the Navy as a dentist. He served in that capacity on the cruiser USS Oklahoma City and the aircraft carrier USS John F Kennedy. He was stationed on naval bases in Japan, the Philippines, Guam, Monterey California, Corpus Christi Texas, Norfolk Virginia, Charleston South Carolina and his final duty station was Naval Air Station Dallas until 1996, when his retired as a full Commander USN. In his service to his country he was awarded the Navy Good Conduct Medal, The Meritorious Service Medal, Humanitarian Service Medal and the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal.

Dr. Romine then served as a dentist for the Texas prison system and Veterans Administration. At the time of his death he was working in private practice at the Pilot Point Family Dentistry Clinic in Pilot Point Texas.

Dr Romine was a member of the Church on Rush Creek in Arlington Texas. He was loved and admired by all that knew him. He was devoted to his family, friends and animals. He loved to hunt out bargains at garage sales and was always finding "treasures" for his grandchildren.

Dr. Romine was preceded in death by his parents and daughter Scarlett.

Survivors include his wife Jane Romine of Arlington, sister Sandra Woods of Baytown Texas, daughter and son-in-law Stephanie and Rick Deese of Midlothian Texas, grandchildren, Allison, Jonathan, Reagan and Jacob Deese, and many nieces, nephews and friends.

"Gil" was affectionately known by his old shipmates, who served with him during the late fifties and early sixties, as "Sofine-Romine." He loved attending the annual USS Oklahoma City CLG-5 reunions with his wife Jane and reminiscing of those "old days."

Dr. Romine was laid to rest with full military honors at Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery on February 15, 2010.

Personal Note: I remember sitting next to Gil at a luncheon on board a riverboat at the Nashville reunion. (How fortunate I was since I had, just hours before, chipped a tooth on some wonderful peanut brittle we found in one of the malls.) I recall that I was impressed by the enormous size of his right forearm; it looked like Popeye's arm. Then he showed me the other one that was a more appropriate size for a human.

He told me he was a Dentist working in the prison system in Texas. It seems that the majority of dental work done in prisons involves extractions. He said he spent most of his time twisting out molars and bicuspids with brute strength. Indeed, and the proof was resting right next to me there on the table. He was an absolute prince and I was glad I had the opportunity to spend some time with him. -Joe Caruso-

Glenn Ryel

Captain Ben W Sarver on the bridgeCaptain Ben W Sarver observing operations
Captain Ben W. Sarver on the bridge

SARVER, Ben W - Norfolk, VA 60-62
*** Captain of the newly recommissioned CLG-5 - died 13 Mar 97
^^^ E-mail his son-in-law

SCHULTZ, Alvin G - Deceased, 43-45 PLANKOWNER dalesmb@yahoo.com- E-Mail is for son Dale
*** SN - 2nd Division
^^^ Died 20 Dec 72 of Cancer. Survived by wife Barbara and children Dale, Richard, Paula and Steven. The family is anxious to speak with anyone who kew Alvin. His name is misspelled as Shultz, A.G. on page 30 of the first cruise book The Yearling.

SCHUMACHER, Carl J. Jr. - 44-45
*** LT(jg) - Died 17 AUG 05
xxx xxx Read the Obituary

SHERMAN, Arthur M. - Norfolk, VA, 1964-67, Deceased
*** RMC - OC Division - Died 1995.

Joseph J. Shevlin

Shevlin's Plank Owner Certificate
Joe Shevlin

My dad, MM3 Joseph J. Shevlin, 44-45, a proud Plank Owner of CL-91, passed away 09 DEC 08.

Infromation sent by his daughter, Carolyn Meechan

SIGELMAN, Alan - La Jolla, CA 63-65, Deceased
*** Lieutenant, JG - Disbursing Officer
^^^ Died suddenly on 27 May 2002 and was buried at sea by the Navy

STANFORD, William T - 63-63 Died OCT '76
*** HTC - Served as CMAA - crossed the deck to CLG6 in '64 then xferd to flt reserve
^^^ Reported by his brother CTM2 Darrell Stanford

STONE, Richard - Died 18 SEP 83
*** Mail to his son David mail

Darrell Streeter

STREETER, Darrel Verdon
*** FTGC (71-73), age 77, passed away on March 29, 2015

Photo courtesy of Joe's daughter Rebecca Triplett-Johnson
Joe Triplett's photo courtesy of
his daughter Rebecca Triplett-Johnson mail

TRIPLETT, Joseph C. - 1960-63, Deceased
*** MM3 - died 09 AUG 63 in an auto accident while on leave.

Photo courtesy of Jim's sister Rebecca Valencia-Stincelli
Jim Valencia's photo courtesy of
his sister Rebecca Valencia-Stincelli

VALENCIA, James R. - Sacramento, CA 1970-72, Deceased
*** SN
^^^ Died 21 March 87, Murder Victim

VAUGHAN, Craig - 1971-73, Deceased
*** FTG3 - Died 1976

Cleveland Jay Voiers

VOIERS Cleveland Jay, YN3 (74-74)
age 70, passed away on Tuesday, February 19, 2019


WATSON, Robert A. - Cambridge, ME, 1944-46, Deceased
*** SC3 - Ship's Cook and Butcher, died 14 May 97

WILLCUTT, Roy - Visalia, CA 44-46 nhradiv7@aol.com
*** SN - {Died 1986} E-mail is for his son