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FABON, Antonio - San Diego, CA 73-76
*** PO2 - S-5 Division

FAIR, Robert S. - St. Charles, IL 71-74 mail
*** AG2 - Com7Flt Weather Office - N36 Division.
^^^ Now part owner of an electronics company responsible for purchasing and inventory control.

FAIRCHILD, Mel - Nineveh, IN 71-73 mail
*** PO3

FALK, Jeff "Mo" - Cheshire, CT 96-01 mail
*** MS2

FARIAS, Jose - San Antonio, TX 71-74 #1155 mail
*** RM3 - Fleet Flashnet operator also TAD to Com7flt in Crypto - "They were all my best buds!!" They know who they are!!
^^^ I live on a small farm, semi-retired, raising exotic birds after too many years in the landscape/nursery business as a Horticulturist. Married 30+ yrs: son 30 & daughter 15 -- one granddaughter just born in '05

FARLEY, Nicholas Warren - Smithtown, NY 43-46 #1287 mail
*** SN1C - Captain C.B. Hunt, sending up shells, John Armstrong and Quinn
^^^ Worked Kings Park State Hospital, Bohack grocery, retired 1985. Married and had 5 children, 21 grandchildren.

FARWELL, Jim - Auburn, WA 69-73 mail
*** QM2 - Com7Flt Flag Allowance on staff of three different Admirals
^^^ Now a programmer and analyst for Boeing. Married 28 years to Yoko, a Japanese nurse, whom I met while on the Okie. 3 kids Sage, Don and Laura. Hope to retire this year

FAUSS, Ken - Rapid City, SD 69-71 mail
*** CYN3 - Comseventhfleet.

FAY, Michael "Fernando" - Carlsbad, CA 71-75 mail
*** SH2 - Worked in all aspects of the Ship's Serviceman position. Also had a daily radio show with the call name of Fernando Fay.
^^^ Currently I.S. Mgr for a major insurance co. with a B.S. in mgt. Married, 2 children 11 & 14.

FELSHEIM, Wayne C. - Johson City, NY 68-69 mail
*** CYN - Com7thFleet

FELT, (Cap'n) Joe - Seattle, WA 74-75 mail
*** Captain - 7th Fleet Staff

FERELL, Ronald - Smithville, TN 69 mail
*** RM - Com7Flt
^^^ I have worked for the local telephone company for 31 years

FERNANDEZ, Freudian - Virginia Beach, VA 77-79
*** PO3 - S-3 Division

FERRARA, Allen - Yardley, PA 44-45 PLANKOWNER

FIELD, Johnny - Edmond, OK 71-72 mail
*** OS
^^^ Married, all kids out of the nest. Currently working within the U.S.P.S. Living just north of Oklahoma City

FISCHER, Dave - Laurel, MT 68-70 #1121 mail
*** BM2 - 3rd Div - weapons / deck

FISHER, James - Portland, OR 68-69 #1239 mail
*** HMSN - Started as mess cook for Terlaji in Chief's Mess x 4 mos, then went to Sick Bay as striker for Doc Tasto, Fry, Havlik, Fong, Jury etc. Did a nightly radio show on CLGM-5 for BB Moore. You guys changed my life, whether you know it or not, and I want to thank you for it. I owe you all a lot. Honorable Discharge 72 as HM2, 3 tours in C.G. Reserve in Portland, OR.
^^^ Graduated from college. Worked as a volunteer counselor at local Vet Center for eleven years. Have two boys, one girl plus two step sons and best of all, three wonderful grandchildren. Currently work at a tour company selling travel to Europe, planning to retire, travel and write in just a few years. Hobby is writing fiction.

FISHER, Richard "Rick" - Vienna, WV 72-74 mail1 or mail2
*** PN3 - Training & Education and Personnel Offices. Good buddies were Vic Cortez, Dick Hoffman, Jim Miller, Mike Bacci and Sakai Ross
^^^ Own and Allstate agency whick I am selling to become an Insurance Adjuster and Inspector. Married 18 years, with daughter 16 & son 13

FITCH, Jimmy D. - Europe, 68-70 mail
*** RM3
^^^ Senior Systems Analyst with a DOD contractor in Europe.

FITZGERALD, Tim - Roy, WA 68-71 mail
*** RD3 - Stood watches in CIC

FITZSIMMONS, Robert - St John, MO 68-70 mail
*** MM3 - A Division - Steam Heat, Evaps.
^^^ Now a supervisor at Pohlman, Inc making auto A/C and Air Bag parts. Married with 2 grown children

FITZSIMMONS, Roy - 60-64 mail
*** BT3 - Fwd fireroom
^^^ Lots of memories

FLAHERTY, William "Bill" - Bremerton, WA 70-73 mail
*** MM1 - Aft Engine Room with Ignacio, "Pappy" Booth, T.J. Faulkner and all the rest
^^^ Retired as CWO3 in 1993.

FLEMING, Michael S. - Kawasaki, Japan 78-80 mail
*** OS3 OI-Division, cross decked to Blue Ridge (LCC-19)
^^^ Married, 2 boys and a girl ages 13, 15 & 16. Work for Avago Technologies Japan as Dir Sales Operations

FLORA, Arno - Corpus Christi, TX 66-69 #1272 mail
*** EM3 - Was working in electric shop when ran aground in 1969, received a PANIC call from forward generator watch ( Butch). Ended up at aft generators and the MM and I hand jacked the governors up to get control of cycles on the "2" generators still running, had about 1.5 % of rated load on each generator. After that we shed load to get them down to the rated load.
^^^ After getting out worked at a power plant for 10 years and then 29+ years in a petro chemical plant as an operator. Now looking foward to retirement in 2-4 years. Have been happily married to the same gal for 39 years , have a son (38) who just got married in November and a daughter that is married and is the mother of my only grand daughter, who just turned 10 in January.

FLORES, Johnny - 65-67 #1062 mail
*** ETN3

FLORES, Sam - Oakland, CA 72-75 mail
*** MU2 - Com7Flt Band
^^^ Retired USN in 1990 - now owner of Jon's Music & Repair in Oakland

FLUKE, Richard - Grants, NM 68-72 mail
*** ETR2 - OE Division, Maintained radar and ECM equipment.

FOLEY, Joseph - Covina, CA 59-61 mail
*** SN - OL Division, Lookouts
^^^ Now an Ironworker, single and travel a lot

FOLMER, Richard - Laguna Beach, CA 68-70 mail
*** Lieutenant JG - Seventh Fleet Staff, Communications Watch Officer

FORTIER, Robert - Lady Lake, FL 61-63 mail
*** RD3 - C.I.C.
^^^ Now retired in Central FL

FOSTER, Craig P - Tripoli, IA 65-71 mail
*** SK2 - Was aboard when SK1 Frost made chief. Lcdr Bouchard was the Supply Officer. Best buddy was Andy "Graz" Grosdnoff

FOSTER, R - 69-71 #01067 mail
*** BMSN - 2nd Div later FN E Div

FOWLER, Joey E - Trinity, TX 61-64 mail
*** GMM3 - Worked in Missile House; best bud was Joe Robinson
^^^ Now waste water operator for Trinity River Authority and self employed for past 20 yrs as mold / die engraver

FOWLER, William Gregory - Raleigh, NC 68-70 #01041 mail
*** BMSN - 1st + 3rd Div. Was duty driver, side boy, bridge watches, powder loader and section leader. Best friend Max Stange, R Romano, R Matareese, BM1 Lee, LTJG B W Shreue
^^^ Married 27 years. retired from IBM as Financial Analyst.

FOY, Michael T. - Dickinson, TX 68-74 mail

FRAISER, Michael - South Bend, IN 94-95 #1265 mail
*** MM2(SS) - Nuclear Operator (M-Division) Buddies are Andre Gerrard, Jim Hazen
^^^ Now an Industrial Engineer, married with 2 daughters. Home town was Grand Blanc, Michigan. Enjoy hunting and fishing.

FREEMAN, Jim - 76-78 #1146 mail
*** Worked on the Mk 25 Gun Radar for 2.5 years...Looking for former FG Div. shipmates

FROMM, James - Waipahu, HI 64-66 mail
*** RM1 - OC Division, TTY Repair Shop
^^^ Retired as LT, USCG, 1986. Now run my own computer business. Married 33 years, no kids

FRY, Bob - Antelope, CA 74-77 mail
*** CWO2 - Com7Flt - Director of 7th Fleet Band ^^^ Now a computer engineer, divorced with 2 children and 1 grandchild

FRY, Havard Robert - Texas 65-70 mail
*** HM1 - Had a wonderful time - did the radio show Country At CLGM-5.
^^^ Getting ready to retire and travel; very happy with my new bride of 7 years

FRY, William P. - Angleton, TX 64-67 mail

FULMER, John R. - Ashburn, VA 70-73 mail
*** RM2 - 7 Flt Staff

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